Preferred Medical

Brand : Wolf-Pak®

Product Manufacturer : Wolf Medical


Wolf-Pak® Sub-Q Hydration Kit

Preferred Medical has created an easy-to-use kit to administer Hypodermoclysis Hydration Therapy. The kit contains a Wolf-Pak® Rate Flow IV Tubing, a Subcutaneous Safety Needle Set, and a procedure prep kit. The dial on the rate flow tubing can be adjusted from 0 - 250mL/hr and the set is 92” long. The Sub-Q Needle Set is a 24 gauge, bifurcated set that utilizes an enhanced needle design and custom luer locking mechanism as well as other patient preferred benefits.
  • Designed to make hypodermoclysis simple, easy to administer, and relatively painless for the patient
  • Easier and less distressing to administer than IV hydration and often eliminates the need to find a vein
  • Convenience - Components are packaged in sequence of use, allowing the clinician to progress efficiently through procedures
  • Disposable, Single Patient Use