Preferred Medical

Item #WP-EVA100ML

Brand : Wolf-Pak

Capacity : 100 mL

Connection Type : Spike Port

Contains Latex : No

Material : EVA (Ethyl vinyl acetate)


100 mL EVA 2 Port Empty Bag

100 mL EVA 2 Port Empty Bag

100 mL EVA 2 Port Empty Bag includes a spike port and injection Site. Individually Blister packaged. 50/Case
  • Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA) bags are constructed from a single-web, medical grade laminate of four different films, with a fluid contact surface of EVA, with two layers of low-density polyethylene (LDPE) enveloping a layer of ethyl vinyl alcohol (EVOH).
  • These bags are specifically designed to provide strong seals, extraordinary robustness, superior flex, crack and pin-hole resistance, plus desirable gas and moisture barrier performance.
  • EVA single-use bags are designed for bio-pharmaceutical, laboratory and diagnostic applications
  • 100% PVC, DEHP, and Latex-Free
  • Practical and sturdy carrying handles
  • Spike Port
  • Injection Site
  • Can be filled by gravity, with syringes or with single-station filling devices