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Item #BAL-C100020

Brand : Homepump C-Series

Capacity : 100 mL

Flow Rate : 2 mL/hr

License Required to Purchase : Yes

Packaging Description : 24 each/case

MFG #C100020

100 mL Portable Elastomeric Infusion Pump, 2 mL/hr Flow Rate

100 mL Portable Elastomeric Infusion Pump, 2 mL/hr Flow Rate

Elastomeric Infusion Pump, 100 mL Fill Volume, 2 mL/hr Flow Rate, 50 Hour Infusion Rate, 24/case
  • Used for continuous infusion with delivery times from 1-11 days for chemotherapy and other protocols. It’s lightweight, non-electric design elevates the patient-experience and makes it easy to transport.
  • Comprehensive drug compatibility and stability data
  • Patented, elastomeric membrane delivers performance and dependability
  • Pre-set flow rate – no complex programming or drop counting simplifies life for clinicians as well as patients
  • Overfill/partial fill capacity allows dosing flexibility
  • Discreet, portable and patient-friendly. Allows patient mobility for patients to maintain lifestyle at home.
  • Non-electronic: no complex programming, maintenance, power cords, batteries, noisy alarms or IV poles. Disposable design lets patients discard unit after use.
  • Cost-efficient without sacrificing choice of volumes and flow rates