Preferred Medical

Item #MMM-PRE1155US

Brand : Prevena Plus

Dimensions : 13 cm

Packaging Description : 1/bag, 5 bag/case


13cm, Peel & Place Dressing Kit

Peel & Place Dressing Kit, 13 cm, 1/bg, 5 bg/cs
  • Available with three dressing options for linear incisions up to 13cm, 20cm and 35 cm in length
  • Dressing foam bolster channels negative pressure to the incision area
  • Skin-friendly interface layer to wicks fluid away from the surface
  • Stabilization layer prevents film from wrinkling during application
  • Adhesive film creates a barrier to external contaminants
  • Skin interface layer contains 0.019% ionic silver, which reduces bacterial colonization in the fabric
  • Patient can shower with dressing in place