Preferred Medical

Item #AMT-M1-5-1612

Brand : Applied Medical Technology, Inc.

Item Type : Feeding Tubes

Classification : Gastrostomy Tubes

Length : 1.2cm

Product Manufacturer : Applied Medical Technology, Inc.

MFG #M1-5-1612


  • A Gastrostomy Tube, also known as a G-Tube, is used to deliver nutrition (food) directly into the stomach. The device is placed through the belly, or abdominal wall, and into the stomach. G-Tubes are available as “low profile” or “traditional length”.
  • Low Profile refers to the external portion of the device, often called the bolster, being very flat or flush against the skin. The flat/flush design means that low profile devices are easily hidden under clothing. Low profile tubes are often called “buttons”. AMT offers low profile G-Tubes for both children and adults. The MiniONE® Family includes Balloon, NonBalloon, and Capsule Non-Balloon devices: The MiniONE® Balloon Button has an internal retention balloon with an exclusive apple shape that keeps the device in place. For insertion and removal, the balloon can be inflated and deflated in either a clinical setting or a home-care setting. The balloon fill valve on 12-14F MiniONE® Balloon devices is compatible with both Luer (slip tip) and Luer Lock syringes; the balloon fill valve on 16-24F devices is compatible with a slip tip syringe. The MiniONE® Non-Balloon and MiniONE® Capsule Non-Balloon Buttons have a mushroom-shaped internal retention bolster that keeps the device in place. Placement/Removal of non-balloon style devices is to be performed by a qualified clinician.
  • Traditional Length means that the external portion of the device is long and extends from the body. These tubes are sometimes called “long tubes”, “adjustable length tubes”, “standard length tubes”, and even “danglers”. Traditional length devices have a round disc, or retention ring, for the external bolster. The disk can be moved up and down the tube to accommodate stoma lengths up to 10 cm. AMT offers a few different kinds of traditional length G-Tubes for both children and adults.