Preferred Medical

Item #BD-309702

Brand : BD

Capacity : 3 mL

Packaging Description : 25 each/tray, 12 tray/case

MFG #309702

3 mL Syringe Only, Pharmacy Tray

3 mL Syringe Only, Pharmacy Tray

3 mL Luer-Lok Syringe Only, Pharmacy Tray, 25/tray, 12 tray/cs
  • Available in Luer Slip and Luer-Lok Tip.
  • Slip Tip Syringes are available with a wide variety of needles to meet your clinic's needs. The slip tip makes it a snap to attach the needle to the syringe.
  • 1/10 mL graduation.
  • Convenience Tray with 25 syringes takes 4X less time to wipe down than 25 single-syringe packages, helping to improve workflow speed during batch preparation.