Preferred Medical

Item #CON-416774

Brand : Convatec

Color : Transparent

Length : 8"

Size : Small

MFG #416774

Adhesive Coupling Closed-End 8" Pouch, Transparent, Small, 30/bx

Esteem synergy+ Adhesive Coupling Technology Closed-End 8" Pouch, 1-Sided Comfort Panel, Filter, Transparent, Small, 30/bx
  • The Esteem synergy+ system features an innovative Adhesive Coupling Technology. Instead of plastic rings, a foam adhesive securely couples the pouch to the skin barrier's clear plastic “Landing Zone." The result is a low profile, flexible, secure system, with the convenience of a one piece and the versitility of a two-piece.  Esteem synergy skin barriers feature Stomahesive or Durahesive technologies and are designed to be gentle yet durable to protect sensitive peristomal skin.
  • A state-of-the art filter with anti-clogging film layer
  • New, soft and quiet materials ConvaTec’s latest pouches and advanced adhesives offer you the security, comfort , and discretion you deserve.