Preferred Medical

Item #KEN-6241

Brand : Curity

Item Type : General Purpose Dressings

Color : White

Country of Origin : US-United States of America

Dimensions : 2" x 2"

Material : Non-Woven Gauze

MFG #6241

2 Inch x 2 Inch, 6-Ply, IV Sponge

2 Inch x 2 Inch, 6-Ply, IV Sponge

IV Gauze Sponge, 2 Inch x 2 Inch, 6-Ply, Sterile 2s, 2/pk, 35 pk/tr, 20 tr/cs
  • IV Sponge: Pre-cut notch conforms around IV catheters
  • Drain sponges have a unique pre-cut T-slit that conforms around drains, catheters, chest tubes and tracheotomies
  • Convenience of pre-cut T-slit eliminates the need for sterile scissors
  • Not made with natural rubber latex