Preferred Medical

Item #DET-475

Brand : Detecto

Capacity : 450 lbs

Country of Origin : US-United States of America

Item is Drop Ship Only : Yes

MFG #475

450 lb Capacity, Chair Scale

450 lb Capacity, Chair Scale

Mechanical Chair Scale with Weighbeam, 450 lb x 4 oz
  • Plastic-molded seats for patient comfort complete with lift-away armrests on both sides and a fold-up footrest for easy access during patient transfers from a wheelchair or hospital bed.
  • The die-cast, dual-sided weigh beam is readable from either side and features white enamel finish.
  • Quality steel construction is apparent throughout the scale, especially in the heavy-duty understructure which is designed for optimal strength and patient safety.
  • No electricity is required.
  • The 475 has a 450 lb x 4 oz capacity and the 4751 has a 440 lb x 4 oz / 200 kg x 100 g capacity.