Preferred Medical

Item #DYN-7044

Brand : Dynarex Corporation

Item Type : Primary Administration Sets

Application : Primary IV Administration Set

Connection Type : Luer Lock

Filter Size : No Filter

Flow Control Type : Slide Clamp

MFG #7044

Dynarex Corporation

92 Inch Tubing, 20 Drop/mL, Primary IV Administration Set

Gravity IV Administration Set, Vented, Luer Lock, 20 Drops/mL Drip Rate, 92 Inch Tubing, 50/case
  • IV Administration Sets, all sterile and individually packaged, available in varying lengths to accommodate different applications.
  • Non-DEHP tubing.
  • Non-pyrogenic.
  • All IV sets are gravity sets; not compatible with infusion pumps.
  • The connectors can sustain a pressure of 30 seconds under 7 kgs/sq cm.
  • Can withstand 300 mL of mercury pressure.
  • Not made with natural rubber latex.