Preferred Medical

Item #KAW-D3K2-21G

Brand : K-Shield Advantage

Item Type : Infusion Sets

Application : Small Vein Infusion Set

Color : Green

Connection Type : Female Luer Lock

Gauge : 21 G

MFG #D3K2-21G

23 Gauge x 3/4 Inch, Small Vein Infusion Set

23 Gauge x 3/4 Inch, Small Vein Infusion Set

Small Vein Infusion Set, 21 Gauge x 3/4 Inch, 12 Inch Tubing, 50/Box
**Will be discontinued once stock is depleted and replaced with KAW-D3KA-23G**
  • K-Shield Advantage Small Vein Infusion Sets
  • Provides a safe collection environment for both clinician and patient
  • Integrated safety device eliminates extra steps for disposal
  • Fast and simple one-step activation with an “audible” click
  • Needle is covered during removal, ensuring confidence in safety
  • Superior needle sharpness
  • Latex free - for patients, practitioners and end-users