Preferred Medical

Item #CRD-8984

Brand : Monoject

Size : 8 Gallon

MFG #8984

8 Gallon Locking Wall Bracket for Large Volume Sharps Containers

SharpSafety Locking Wall Bracket for Large Volume Sharps Containers, 8 Gallon, 5/Case
  • Brackets secure sharps containers to walls and med carts by maintaining the container upright throughout use. Locking brackets are available to help prevent access to contents in high traffic areas.
  • Locking wall brackets are unobtrusive and securely hold container in place.
  • According to NIOSH's guidance, containers should only be used with hardware that is manufactured specifically for them.
  • OSHA regulation 29 CFR 1910.1030(d)(4)(iii), During use, containers for contaminated sharps shall be maintained upright throughout use…"
  • A complete line of brackets and holders are available to ensure your safety and compliance.