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Item #KRU-RMSF3.8

Brand : Precision Flow

Capacity : 3.8 mL/hr

Packaging Description : 50/box

MFG #F3.8

3.8 mL/hr Low Flow Rate Tubing

3.8 mL/hr Low Flow, Precision Flow Rate Tubing, Male and Female Connector, 50/bx
  • Precision Flow Rate Tubing controls the infusion rate of the Freedom syringe infusion systems. When combined with the viscosity of the medication and safe pressure of the Freedom infusion systems, Precision Flow Rate Tubing provides an accurate delivery that responds in real time
  • Precision is designed for uniform flow profiles, with no free-flow, bolus or overdose. Low residual volumes & precise dimensions help to achieve the desired flow rate.
  • DynEQ (Dynamic Equilibrium): If the pressure in your sites increases, the system will immediately respond by automatically slowing down.
  • Made in the USA with the highest level of quality control for defect-free products. No maintenance needed. Consistent delivery of medication for a full therapeutic dose without expensive drug waste, ≤ 0.16 ml residual volume.
  • Emergency slide clamp. Stop flow immediately, if needed. F-number printed on clamp to assure correct tubing is being used.
  • Luer Disc helps prevent contamination. For patient safety, the syringe driver is designed not to work unless a set with the disc is present.
  • Sets from F0.5 to F2400 offer precise infusion rates for a variety of administration times.
  • Convenient reference tool to help determine the appropriate tubing set for desired SCIg infusion duration (