Preferred Medical

Item #BAR-LH-0030

Brand : Safestep

Connection Type : Female Luer Lock

Gauge : 22 G

Length : 1" Needle

License Required to Purchase : Yes

Needle Style : Right Angle

MFG #LH-0030

22 Gauge x 1 Inch, Huber Needle Set without Y-Site

22 Gauge x 1 Inch, Huber Needle Set without Y-Site

Huber Needle Set without Y-Injection Site, 22 Gauge x 1 Inch, 25/cs
  • Safety Huber Needle is intended to provide implanted subcutaneous port access, used in conjunction with IV administration of chemotherapy and other injectable drugs and/or to withdraw blood
  • Safety Huber Needle consists of a right angle non-coring Huber needle with a passive safety mechanism clip, hub grip, base plate.
  • Textured handle is easy to grasp and rotates to enable maneuvering and positioning of tubing to enable comfortable and proper site dressing
  • Small footprint helps minimize dressing materials while the clear plastic base allows clinicians to view and inspect the insertion site throughout the course of therapy
  • Safety mechanism housed in plastic base helps protect clinicians and patients from accidental needlestick injuries during needle removal, transport and disposal of the SafeStep needle; once the needle has been pulled through the base the mechanism covers the needle point and locks it into the plastic base
  • Rotating needle head for maneuvering and positioning; small, stable design ideal for patient comfort and easy dressing
  • Wingless design with low profile (0.550"); adaptable to dual-lumen ports