Preferred Medical

Item #ZYN-A2-80071-DF

Brand : Zyno Medical

Item Type : Primary Administration Sets

Application : Primary IV Administration Set

Connection Type : Male Luer Lock Connector

Filter Size : 0.22 Micron Filter

Flow Control Type : Roller Clamp, Slide Clamp

MFG #A2-80071-DF

105 Inch Tubing, 20 Drops/mL, with Filter, IV Pump Set

Primary Administration IV Pump Set, Spike Tip Protector, Universal Spike, Drip Chamber, Roller Clamp, 0.20 Micron Filter, Slide Clamp, Needless Injection Site, Male Luer Lock Adaptor, Luer Lock Tip Protector, 20 Drops/mL Drip Rate, 18mL Priming Volume (approx.), 105 Inch, Single Use, Zyno Set for Z-800 Pumps Only, 50/cs
  • A2/AX Primary Administration Sets are single-use sets for use with Zyno Medical Z-800 Infusion pump.
  • All A2/AX Primary administration set fluid paths are sterile, non-Pyrogenic, are not made with natural rubber latex, and are not made with DEHP.