Reformulation Announcement

Abbott Nutrition is pleased to announce the reformulation of Juven, a therapeutic nutrition drink mix for wound healing.  Juven now has added collagen protein to accelerate the rate of wound healing and antioxidants (Vitamins C & E), Vitamin B12 and Zinc which are important in the wound healing process. 


Product Features

95 kcal Fruit Punch

90 kcal Orange

80 kcal Unflavored

7 g Arginine

7 g Glutamine

1.5 g CaHMB


New Ingredients

2.5 g Protein (hydrolyzed collagen)

9.5 mg Zinc

300 mg Vitamin C

15 mg Vitamin E

1.2 mcg Vitamin B12

- Use Under Medical Supervision

- Use as Part of a Complete-Balanced Diet

- Not for Use as a Sole-Source of Nutrition


We Are Currently Transitioning the Following Juven Items:

Old Item #

ABT-58012  Juven Orange 30ct

ABT-56094  Juven Unflavored 30ct 

ABT-56433  Juven Fruit Punch 30ct


New Item #

ABT-66693  Juven Orange 30ct New Formula

ABT-66695  Juven Unflavored 30ct New Formula

ABT-66694  Juven Fruit Punch 30ct New Formula