New ARC: Abbott Recloseable Container by Tetra Pak

Abbott is transitioning its can product portfolio to the New ARC: Abbott Recloseable Container by Tetra Pak.  The ARC case has a more efficient package shape that will allow for fewer pallet configurations and streamlined pallet management, and ARC has a lower environmental impact than metal cans.  In transportation/distribution test, the ARC sustained less damage compared to metal cans. 

New Packaging and Label System Scoop:

The Chart Above Illustrates the Full Scoop of the New ARC: Abbott Recloseable Container Transition.

We are Currently Shipping the Following Items in the New Tetra Pak from Both Locations: 

Original (Can) Item #

ABT-00143  Jevity 1.0 Cal Can

ABT-53118  Jevity 1.2 Cal Can

ABT-50774  Promote Can

ABT-56542  Vital AF 1.2 Cal Can

ABT-00735  Osmolite 1.0 Cal Can

ABT-56277  Vital 1.0 Cal Can

ABT-51872  Promote w/Fiber Can

ABT-56279  Vital 1.5 Cal Can

ABT-57469  Osmolite 1.5 Cal Can

ABT-53120  Osmolite 1.2 Cal Can  

ABT-56640  Ensure Clear Apple

ABT-56642  Ensure Clear Mixed Berry

ABT-57333  Jevity 1.5 Cal Can

ABT-50462  Ensure Original Chocolate Can

ABT-54386  Oxepa Can

ABT-00699  Pulmocare Can

ABT-50646 Ensure Plus Strawberry Can

ABT-50240  Glucerna 1.0 Cal Can

New (Tetra) Item #

ABT-64759  Jevity 1.0 Cal Tetra Pak

ABT-64625  Jevity 1.2 Cal Tetra Pak

ABT-64834  Promote Tetra Pak

ABT-64828  Vital AF 1.2 Cal Tetra Pak  

ABT-64633  Osmolite 1.0 Cal Tetra Pak

ABT-64832  Vital 1.0 Cal Tetra Pak

ABT-64631  Promote w/Fiber Tetra Pak

ABT-64825  Vital 1.5 Cal Tetra Pak  

ABT-64837  Osmolite 1.5 Cal Tetra Pak

ABT-64635  Osmolite 1.2 Cal Tetra Pak

ABT-64903  Ensure Clear Apple

ABT-64900  Ensure Clear Mixed Berry

ABT-64628  Jevity 1.5 Cal Tetra Pak

ABT-64937  Ensure Original Chocolate Tetra Pak

ABT-64814  Oxepa Tetra Pak

ABT-64811  Pulmocare Tetra Pak

ABT-64907  Ensure Plus Strawberry Tetra Pak

ABT-64913  Glucerna 1.0 Cal Tetra Pak