Frequently Asked Questions

Use these FAQs to answer any questions you may have as a new Preferred Medical customer. For additional resources about how to use the Preferred Medical e-commerce website, please reference our Getting Started resources.

If you are unable to find an answer to your question using these FAQs or the additional resources, please reach out to Customer Service by phone (800-325-8367, Option 3) or email (


Do I need to set up a new account?

No, your account will be set up for you, and you will receive a new Account Number via email once live to access your new Preferred Medical account.

Will I need to fill out another credit application?

No, you will not need to fill out another credit application.

Have any of the Terms & Conditions of my contract changed?

Most contract Terms & Conditions remain intact. Any changes will be communicated to you directly by your sales representative.

Will my current contracts be affected?

No, your current contracts will not be affected.

What will happen to my pricing?

Pricing of the items you have purchased will remain intact. If you identify any differentiation, please contact your sales representative.

Will my ordering process change?

Yes, the new order cut-off time will now be 2:00 pm CST for products to ship the same day. Additionally, you will order products on the Preferred Medical e-commerce website. See our helpful resource Placing an Order.

Will my shipping lead time be affected?

No, your products will continue to be sourced in the same manner and serviced out of your current distribution center, so the shipping lead time should not be affected.

Will I have access to the products I usually purchase?

Yes, the same great products that you typically purchase will still be available.

Will I have access to more products?

Yes, you will have access to more products.

Should I continue to work with my current sales representative?

Yes, continue working with your current sales representative. It is unlikely, but if for some reason your sales representative changes, they will contact you directly to introduce themselves.

I am a Brightree customer – will I have to do anything differently?

Besides ordering from Preferred Medical instead of Dedicated Distribution, no, you will not need to do anything differently as a Brightree customer.

Where will my orders come from?

The same great people will continue processing your orders from existing locations. In the future, we may identify additional distribution centers to better serve you.

Where are Preferred Medical’s distribution centers?

Preferred Medical has several distribution centers, including:

  • Conway, AR
  • Waco, TX
  • Kansas City, KS
  • Jacksonville, FL
  • Camp Hill, PA

Who should I make checks out to?

Please make checks out to Preferred Medical.

Will the remit address change?

No, the remit to address remains the same (P.O. Box 37904, Dept. 171, Charlotte, NC 28237).

How do I access my account information?

See our helpful resource Reviewing Your Account.

How do I place a Quick Order?

See our helpful resource Placing a Quick Order.

How do I make a repeat order?

Instead of repeat orders (or saved orders), the Preferred Medical website has an order template that you can use to order frequently-purchased items. See our helpful resource Creating an Order Template.

Is there a Favorites feature on the Preferred Medical website?

Yes, you can save your favorite products using the Favorites feature on the My Account page.

Who do I call if I have issues?

Please contact your sales representative or call Customer Service at 800-325-8367 (Option 3).

How long will existing Dedicated Distribution/NDC Homecare promotions be available

Preferred Medical will honor all Dedicated/NDC Homecare promotions.

Who is NDC?

NDC, Inc. is the parent company of Preferred Medical. Learn more at: