Preferred Medical

Item #JNJ-2019

Brand : Adaptic

Dimensions : 5" x 9"

Packaging Description : 12/box, 6 box/case

Shape : Rectangle

MFG #2019

5 Inch x 9 Inch, Non-Adhering Dressing

5 Inch x 9 Inch, Non-Adhering Dressing

Non-Adhering Dressing, 5 Inch x 9 Inch Sheet, Sterile, 12/bx, 6 bx/cs
  • Primary wound contact layer made of knitted cellulose acetate with a woven mesh structure impregnated with petrolatum emulsion, allowing easy removal whilst minimizing pain at dressing change
  • Enables fluid transfer to a secondary dressing, reducing the risk of exudate pooling and maceration
  • Suitable for dry to highly exuding wounds