Preferred Medical


Brand : AnchorDry

Item Type : Adhesive Bandages

Color : Clear

Contains Latex : No

Dimensions : 7" x 7"

Material : Film


7 Inch x 7 Inch, Water Resistant Barrier

Water Resistant Barrier, 7 Inch x 7 Inch, 7/pch, 14 pch/bx, 10 bx/cs
  • Water Resistant Barrier is designed as a single use product to keep your surgical site clean and dry while showering.
  • May be used to cover and protect PICC lines, Stomas, Dressings, Surgical Sites, Chemo Ports, Wounds, Dialysis and most Central Line Catheters.
  • Improves infection control practice, reduces costly unscheduled dressing changes, and provides patients with increased morale and comfort while showering.
  • Manufactured with no DEHP or Latex material. It has a non‐irritating self adhesive border for easy application by a nurse, patient or care giver. It has been tested and approved by major hospitals for use when showering.
  • Has 2 adhesive strips on the pouch for adhering to a shower door, mirror, cabinet, etc., for easy product storage and dispensing.