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Item #SCI-U1000B

Brand : Dispouchables

Item Type : Infusion Pump Parts & Accesssories

Application : Infusion Pump Accessories

Capacity : 1000 mL

Packaging Description : 6/case

Product Manufacturer : Synergtech

MFG #U1000B

1000 mL, Disposable Pump Pouch

1000 mL, Disposable Pump Pouch, Single Patient Use, 6/cs
  • The Dispouchables is a disposable Single Patient use bag for carrying ambulatory infusion pumps.
  • It is widely compatible with popular brands of infusion pumps.
  • The 100mL and 1000mL sizes can be comfortably worn over the shoulder or around the waist.
  • The 3000ml size can be comfortably worn as a backpack.
  • For Use With: CADD, CADD Prizm, Sabratek, Aim+ Pumps