Preferred Medical

Item #SN-66023135

Brand : Duramax S

Item Type : Foam Dressings

Color : White

Dimensions : 8" x 16"

Material : Polypropylene / Silicone

Packaging Description : 10 each/box, 10 box/case

MFG #66023135

8 Inch x 16 Inch, Super Absorbent Silicone Adhesive Dressing

Super Absorbent Silicone Adhesive Dressin, 8 Inch x 16 Inch, 10/bx, 10 bx/cs (100ct)
  • A non-occlusive super-absorbent dressing allows for a moist environment due to its breathable properties
  • The two layers sandwiching the absorbent central core strengthen the dressing and keep the polymers in place in the event of damage
  • The cross-linked silicone wound contact layer does not adhere to the wound bed, minimizing pain upon removal or dressing change
  • With its retention capacity, Duramax S dressing prevents maceration and irritation of the wound bed and periwound tissue due to exudate
  • Dressing absorbs and locks in viscous exudate