Preferred Medical

Item #KEN-9231

Brand : Kendall

Item Type : Alginate Dressings

Color : White

Length : 12"

Material : Calcium Alginate

Packaging Description : 5/box, 4 box/case

MFG #9231-

12 Inch, Rope, Calcium Alginate Dressing

12 Inch, Rope, Calcium Alginate Dressing

Calcium Alginate Rope Dressing, 12 Inch, Sterile, 5/tr, 4 tr/cs
  • The dressing absorbs approximately 20 times its weight in exudate.
  • Dressing absorbs exudate, forms a gel that keeps the wound moist and protects from contamination
  • Alginate dressing absorbs wound exudate
  • Absorbs approximately 20 times the dressing’s weight
  • Unique composition and weaving pattern help provide a simplified one piece removal