Preferred Medical

Item #DNT-N2510

Brand : Medient

Gauge : 25 G

Length : 1" Needle

License Required to Purchase : Yes

Packaging Description : 100 each/box

MFG #N-2510

25 Gauge x 1 Inch, Hypodermic Safety Needle


25 Gauge x 1 Inch, Hypodermic Safety Needle

Hypodermic Safety Needle, 25 Gauge x 1 Inch, 100/bx
  • Hypodermic Safety Needles are available in a variety of gauges with bevel-up needle to achieve efficient injection every time. Hypodermic needles are designed for blood draws and medication delivery. This design features Activation-Assist technology which shields the needle to increase safety by keeping the finger behind the needle to reduce needle-stick injuries. The MediDent Supplies Safety Needle attaches to any Standard Luer Lock Syringe or Luer Slip hypodermic syringes.
  • Needle Design Offers Efficient Injection.
  • Activation-Assist Technology Helps Reduce Needlestick Injuries.
  • Connects with Luer Lock and Slip Tip Hypodermic Needles.
  • Easy Connections.
  • Color-Coded Hub.