Preferred Medical

Item #BD-305215

Brand : Nokor

Application : Admix Needle

Gauge : 18 G

Length : 1 1/2" Needle

License Required to Purchase : Yes

License Type : MEDD

MFG #305215

Admix Needle, 18G x 1-1/2 Inch

Admix Needle, 18G x 1-1/2 Inch

Nokor Admix Needle, Anti-Coring Bevel, 18 Gauge x 1-1/2 Inch, 100/bx, 10 bx/cs
  • BD Nokor admix non-coring needle with thin wall. BD Nokor Admix needles, scalpel-like point eliminates issues associated with vial stopper coring and requires less force to penetrate stopper.
  • Admix needle with molded-in, 5-micron filter membrane designed to reduce large particles during fluid aspiration, reconstitution, or transfer.
  • Vented-point design with cannula side port places fluid on container side wall during reconstitution to help reduce foaming or spray.
  • Side port also helps reduce internal container pressure.