Preferred Medical

Item #SN-66000771

Brand : Profore

Contains Latex : No

Material : Elastic / Fabric / Latex

Packaging Description : 8/case

MFG #66000771

3-Layer Multi-Layer Lite Compression Bandage

3-Layer Multi-Layer Lite Compression Bandage

Multi-Layer Lite Compression Bandaging System, 3-Layer, 8/cs
  • Indicated for the management of mixed etiology leg ulcers, where assessment has identified that the patient has some degree of arterial impairment which prevents the use of full compression
  • Latex-free Formulation is designed to provide a reduced compression option of the PROFORE Multi-layer High Compression Bandaging System.
  • PROFORE Lite maintains effective compression after application at a reduced level for patients with arterial impairment.
  • The system may be left in place for up to one week.