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Item #SMI-3056

Brand : Protectiv

Color : Pink

Flow Rate : 63 mL/Min

Gauge : 20 G

Hub Type : Straight Hub

Length : 3/4"

MFG #3056

20 Gauge x 1-1/4 Inch, Retracting Safety Needle, (FEP)

20 Gauge x 1-1/4 Inch, Retracting Safety Needle, (FEP)

Protectiv Safety IV Catheter, Straight Hub, Radiopaque, 20 Gauge x 1-1/4 Inch, FEP Polymer, Pink, 50/bx, 4 bx/cs
  • The Protectiv series of catheters pioneered the movement to innovative safety design that protect the healthcare worker from the risks associated with accidental needlestick injuries. Choice of catheter materials, FEP polymer or radiopaque polyurethane, and needlepoint design eases conversion to safety catheters. Unique V-point needle and advanced catheter tip provide for ultrasmooth insertions. Push-off tab facilitates one-handed threading; helps you keep both hands behind the needle until it is safely locked within the needle guard. Optically clear yet radiopaque Ocrilon polyurethane is shown to reduce infusion-related phlebitis, allowing longer indwelling. A reassuring "click" confirms the needle is safely locked within the needle guard. Built-in needle guard securely encases the entire needle to reduce needlestick injuries.
  • Compatible with customary technique
  • Documented results proven to reduce accidental needlesticks
  • Universal color coded to indicate catheter gauge at a glance
  • Ordering Information Box quantity: 200 Minimum order quantity: 200 Shelf life: 3 years