Preferred Medical

Item #TMP-T-1000-U

Brand : Triac Medical Products Plus

Item Type : Infusion Pump Parts & Accesssories

Capacity : 4 L

Color : Black

Packaging Description : 1/each

MFG #T-1000 U

4 Liter, Pump pouch, Backpack

4 Liter, Pump pouch, Backpack
  • Pump pocket works with CADD, Curlin, BodyGuard, Sapphire or GemStar pumps (with or without battery pack).Holds up to 4000 ml. of solution. With pump pocket, outside window. Solution wrap and support straps. Additional pockets may be used for battery adapter or an extra pump. Use as Backpack style, or with shoulder strap and/or with waist belt for added support.