Preferred Medical

Item #HRT-931687

Brand : Twopress

Item Type : Compression Bandages

Application : Compression Bandage System

Color : White

Is Sterile : No

Material : Elastic / Fabric

MFG #931687


4 Inch, Two-Layer Compression Bandaging System

Two-Layer Compression Bandaging System, 8 kits/cs
  • ncludes: Padding Bandage, 4" x 7.1 yds, Compression Bandage, 4" x 8.9 yds, Self-Adherent
  • Two layers consist of a short stretch cotton padding layer and cohesive wrap
  • Provides consistent, sustained compression of 30 mmHg over a seven-day period
  • Easy to apply and comfortable to wear
  • Allows patients to wear regular footwear
  • Promotes patient compliance
  • Not made with natural rubber latex