Preferred Medical

Item #RTI-10161

Brand : Vanishpoint

Item Type : Tuberculin Syringe

Application : Tuberculin Syringe with Needle

Capacity : 1 mL

Gauge : 25 G

Length : 1" Needle

MFG #10161

1 mL Tuberculin Safety Syringe, 25 Gauge x 1 Inch

1 mL Tuberculin Safety Syringe, 25 Gauge x 1 Inch

Safety Tuberculin Syringe with Hypodermic Needle, 1 mL, 25 Gauge x 1 Inch, 100/bx, 8 bx/cs
  • Available in a variety of sizes (0.5, 1, 3, 5, and 10mL), needle gauges, and needle lengths. The needle is automatically retracted directly from the patient into the barrel of the syringe when the plunger handle is fully depressed. The pre-removal, automated retraction virtually eliminates exposure to the contaminated needle, effectively reducing the risk of needlestick injury.
  • Virtually eliminates exposure.
  • Single-handed, passive activation.
  • Hands remain behind the sharp.
  • Integrated safety mechanism.
  • Prevents recapping and needle removal.
  • Remains safe through disposal.
  • Easy to use, requires minimal training.