Preferred Medical

Item #BD-324906

Brand : Veo

Item Type : Insulin Syringe

Application : Insulin Syringe with Needle

Capacity : 1 mL

Gauge : 31 G

Length : 5/16" Needle

MFG #324906

1 mL Insulin Syringe with Needle, 31 Gauge x 5/16 Inch

1 mL Insulin Syringe with Ultra-Fine Needle, 31 Gauge x 5/16 Inch,
  • A smoother, more comfortable needle: Detailed tip-shaping, polishing, and double-lubricating create more glide and less friction for easier penetration.
  • Wide flange: Feels more secure in your hand for greater control.
  • Extended barrel: Facilitates one-handed technique by anchoring and balancing the syringe.
  • Easy-to-read scale markings: Bold, aligned numbers make it easier to read and draw up an accurate dose.
  • Sterile.