Preferred Medical

Item #VES-VED-89010EO

Brand : Vesco Medical

Country of Origin : TN-Tunisai

Length : 35" (90 cm)

Material : Polyurethane

Packaging Description : 40/case

Weight : 0.055 lb

MFG #VED-89010EO

10 Fr, 35 Inch, Pediatric Nasogastric Feeding Tube

Vesco Medical

10 Fr, 35 Inch, Pediatric Nasogastric Feeding Tube

Pediatric Nasogastric Feeding Tube, 10 Fr, 35 Inch (90cm), Single ENFit Port, Sterile, 40/cs
  • Clear and transparent tube for monitoring fluid content
  • Single ENFit port for feeding, flushing and administering medication
  • Indicated for long term use up to 30 days
  • Premium medical-grade kink resistant polyurethane tubing
  • 2 side ports improves flow and reduces likelihood of tube clogging
  • Radiopaque for x-ray confirmation of tube placement
  • Device is sterilized (EO for ethyl-o-xylene). Do not re-sterilize.
  • Not made with natural rubber latex, DEHP, Bisphenol A (BPA) or other phthalate plasticizers.