Preferred Medical

Item #VES-VED-610

Brand : Vesco Medical

Item Type : Piston Syringes

Application : Enteral Feeding / Irrigation Syringe

Capacity : 10 mL

Color : Clear

Packaging Description : 500 each/case

MFG #VED-610

10 mL ENFit Tip Feeding/Irrigation Syringe - Clear

10 mL ENFit Tip Feeding/Irrigation Syringe, Clear, 500/cs
  • Single use enteral specific syringes for use in initial tube placement, flushing/hydration, bolus feeding, administering medication, and irrigation.
  • Printed graduated length markings in mL.
  • One cap included in each blister pack.
  • Made without natural rubber latex, DEHP, Bisphenol A (BPA) or other phthalates plasticizers.
  • Syringes are sold in clean/non-sterile and sterile configurations. Sterile devices are sterilized via ethyl-o-xylene (EO). Do not re-sterilize.