Preferred Medical

Item #WP-PP3000

Brand : Wolf-Pak

Capacity : 3,000 mL

Color : Black

Packaging Description : 6/case

Size : Large

MFG #PP3000

3,000 mL, Back Pack, Pump Pouch

3,000 mL, Back Pack, Pump Pouch

Pump Back Pack, 3000mL, 6/cs
  • Wolf-Pak Pump Pouches are single-use, disposable infusion bags designed with your patients in mind. Our durable pouches are economical and stylish for patients receiving outpatient TPN, PCA, antibiotic, chemotherapy and other infusion therapies.
  • Pouches are designed from nylon materials to accommodate ambulatory pumps, dedicated disposables and medication bags or cassette reservoirs in a form-fitted single-use or reusable option.
  • Wolf-Pak pouches are compatible with most ambulatory infusion pumps, including: CADD Legacy, CADD PCA, CADD Prizm, Sapphire, and Curlin Pumps.