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Infusion Pumps: Is It Better To Rent Or Buy?

You might be surprised to learn many hospitals and healthcare facilities do not own the equipment and medical machines they use every day. With more -costly equipment such as infusion pumps, it can sometimes make more sense to rent rather than purchase the medical equipment. While the reasons for renting vs. buying may vary, here are a few of the more typical reasons a hospital or medical center may choose to rent infusion pumps for patient treatment.

Buying an Infusion Pump vs Renting an Infusion Pump

When it comes to more costly equipment such as infusion pumps, typically hospitals and medical facilities will own a small number of machines and rent additional pumps as needed for patient care. There are pros and cons to this approach.

Why Rent An Infusion Pump?

Pump rentals may be offered in daily, weekly, and monthly rental programs. This allows you to provide the care you need without incurring the overhead of purchasing a pump.

Additionally, infusion pump rental companies will cover services such as cleaning, calibration, maintenance, and testing of the pumps. This takes a lot of the burden of ownership off the medical center.

However, while renting infusion pumps is a useful alternative to buying infusion pumps, you may end up with older models that lack some of the newest features that the more modern pump models include. If you do plan to rent an infusion pump, it’s always a good idea to learn a bit more about the type of pump you’re receiving as well as the model year.

Why Buy An Infusion Pump?

Just like with any other type of costly equipment, an argument can always be made for buying over renting. One of the more obvious benefits is the long-term vs short term costs.

When you purchase an infusion pump, the upfront costs may be greater than the costs of a short-term rental, however, your rental fees can add up to more than the cost of a new unit if you plan to rent long-term.

In addition, when you purchase an infusion pump you can make it a more permanent fixture in your medical setting. Your infusion pump provider will typically assist you with the integration of the pumps into your internal systems and networks, whereas when you rent an infusion pump you typically won’t take a permanent approach to integration with your systems.

Ultimately, the question of renting or buying an infusion pump depends on the types of treatment offered at your medical facility and the types of patients you see.

What Is An Infusion Pump?

Also known as intravenous or IV therapy, infusion therapy involves medications or fluids being delivered directly to the bloodstream over long periods of time and with precise measurements. This allows for the safe administration of fluids and medications that need to be measured in small dosages and delivered on specific intervals.

Some common conditions where infusion pumps may be utilized are:

  • Dehydration brought on by vomiting, pregnancy, or other medical conditions
  • Autoimmune disorders such as Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, rheumatoid arthritis, and or psoriasis
  • Neurological disorders, including ALS and multiple sclerosis
  • Genetic disorders or enzyme deficiencies – such as Pompe disease, Gaucher disease, and Fabry disease
  • Immunological disorders
  • Osteoporosis, bone disorders, or hypercalcemia
  • Iron deficiency or anemia
  • Anemia of chronic kidney disease
  • Infections – including cellulitis, bacterial pneumonia, osteomyelitis, and other bacterial, fungal, or viral infections

Most Popular Infusion Pumps

Sapphire Multi Pump

The Sapphire Multi-Therapy infusion system is a comprehensive system for hospitals and ambulatory care facilities. Sapphire offers outstanding performance, ease of use and reliability, and is compact and lightweight, with high-end volumetric infusion pump functionality.

Curlin 6000 Pump

The Moog/Curlin 6000 CMS Ambulatory Pump has the ability to infuse in Continuous, PCA, PCEA, Subcutaneous, TPN, Intermittent, and Variable modes. With Moog's new error-reduction software, Protocol Library Safety System, the pump's reliable and dependable performance is complemented by its ability to upload pre-validated drug protocols or patient prescriptions, eliminating the risk of unintended infusions.

Zyno 800 Series

The Zyno pumps  have a purpose-driven design objectives were met to create a diverse range of clinical use-cases necessary for the infusion pump environment. This provides a pump that is intelligent with multi-therapy programming modes that include; Continuous Rate / Time / Volume Infusion, Piggy-back Infusion, Intermittent Infusion, 10-Step Programming Infusion, TPN Ramping Infusion, Custom Protocol Infusions and Blood Infusion.

CADD Solis Blue Pump

The CADD-Solis VIP Ambulatory Infusion System is an easy-to-use, durable smart infusion system. Its small design makes it convenient for patients to use. The system has an intuitive operating interface that reduces training time.

CADD Prizm 6101 Pump

The CADD-Prizm® VIP ambulatory drug delivery pump provides managed drug therapy to patients in hospitals or outpatient settings. The PCA (Patient-Controlled Analgesia) delivery mode is used for therapies that require a continuous rate of infusion, patient-controlled demand doses, or both, such as patient-controlled analgesia.

Buying Or Renting An Infusion Pump

If you have additional questions about buying or renting infusion pumps, contact one of our experienced sales reps for more information. We carry all of the top names in infusion pumps including Cadd, Curlin, Sapphire, Zyno, Baxter and many more. Our customer service representatives are standing by to answer your questions Contact us today toll-free at 800-722-7865. We look forward to hearing from you!