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Up to 25% Off Panacea® Wheelchairs

Panacea® Wheelchairs offer a dual-axle design that allows seat height to be lowered to hemi-height, accommodating residents of different sizes. With composite mag wheels with molded contours add strength and durability. Double-embossed, 32 oz. nylon or vinyl-upholstered seat is easy to clean, lightweight and durable. Other features include removable desk armrests and swingaway footrests. Freight Class : Bulk/Heavy Item

Heavy-Duty Vinyl Seats

PM-HDV2218DA-SF - 22"W x 18"D, Swingaway Footrests

PM-HDV2218DA-ELR - 22"W x 18"D, Elevating Legrests

PM-HDV2418DA-SF - 24"W x 18"D, Swingaway Footrests    

PM-HDV2418DA-ELR - 24"W x 18"D, Elevating Legrests  

Regular Nylon Seats

PM-SN1816DA-SF - 18"W x 16"D, Swingaway Footrests

PM-SN1616DA-ELR - 16"W x 16"D, Elevating Legrests 

PM-SN1616DA-SF - 16"W x 16"D, Swingaway Footrests  

PM-SN1816DA-ELR - 18"W x 16"D, Elevating Legrests  

PM-SN2016DA-ELR - 20"W x 16"D, Elevating Legrests

PM-SN2016DA-SF - 20"W x 16"D, Swingaway Footrests