Preferred Medical

Item #API-50-2011

Brand : All-Med

Connection Type : Female Luer Lock

Gauge : 20 G

Length : 1/2" Needle/7" Tubing

License Required to Purchase : Yes

Needle Style : Right Angle

MFG #50-2011

20 Gauge x 1/2 Inch, Huber Needle Infusion Set - without Y-Site

20 Gauge x 1/2 Inch, Huber Needle Infusion Set - without Y-Site

Huber Needle, 20 Gauge x 1/2 Inch, Non-Coring, 90 Degree with Pre-Attached Administration Set with Pinch Clamp, Approximate Fill Volume .25mL, 7 Inch Microbore Tubing, 12/bx
  • Tip design that initiates penetration of the patient’s skin and the port’s septum easily and comfortably.
  • Bent to exacting standards but are not lubricated to ensure needle retention.
  • Fixed in place (non-rotating) and wings are easily grasped for comfortable insertion technique.
  • Flat wing base that is uniform and solid offering no nooks, crevices or absorbent materials. The holes in the wing enhance air circulation and can be used for suturing.
  • Color coded by needle gage size and needle length is consistent and easily measured.
  • Strong, non-kink tubing and a clamp that can be controlled with one hand.
  • Highest-quality luer locks that maintain dimensional stability to assure a non-leak fit.
  • Latex-Free and lipid-resistant materials and Non-DEHP PVC Tubing.