Preferred Medical

Item #RB-P556-C0

Brand : Carex

Color : Silver

Height : 47" - 85"

Material : Chrome

Packaging Description : 1/each

MFG #FGP556C0 0000

4-Hook, Mobile, IV Pole

4-Hook, Mobile, IV Pole

4-Hook IV Pole, Mobile, 1/ea
  • The mobile IV stand allows patients on intravenous fluids to remain mobile while connected to their IV. Four convenient IV bag holder hooks hold fluids in place for convenience. The medical stands four wheels add maneuverability, keeping the user mobile and active. The medical pole's height is adjustable for use while lying in bed, sitting up, or walking.
  • The four hooks add a new level of convenience for multiple types of IV. They double as IV holders and can be used to hold other items.
  • The four wheels make the medical drip stand agile, able, and mobile. Users can grab the IV drip pole and walk with it effortlessly.
  • Use the medical IV pole while lying in bed, sitting up, or walking. Its height adjustment feature makes it versatile while users are performing various activities.
  • Keeps patient mobile while connected to their IV