Preferred Medical

Item #KRU-RMS12414

Brand : High-Flo

Connection Type : Custom Luer

Gauge : 24 G

Length : 1/2" (14mm) Needle/20" Tubing

License Required to Purchase : Yes

Port Type : No Port

MFG #RMS12414

24 Gauge x 1/2 Inch (14 mm), 2 Needle Safety Sub-Q Administration Set

High-Flo Subcutaneous Safety Needle Set, 1 Needle, 24 Gauge x 1/2 Inch (14 mm), 20 Inch Tubing Without Port, 20/Box
  • Back cut needle tip minimizes damage, scarring, and local site reactions.
  • Flexible flying hinge wings have great flexibility and allow each needle to stay in place without any tenting.
  • Safety closure protects against accidental needle sticks.
  • Custom luer designed to provide even flow to every site.
  • Set options sets are available in single, double, triple, quad, penta, and hexa configurations.
  • Tubing length efficient and practical 20” length (in 26g sets) for fewer tangles and faster flow rates.
  • Y-Connector combines sets for more than 6 sites (up to 8), or to infuse with different length needles.