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Item #EME-SUB-412-G24

Brand : Soft-Glide

Color : Green

Connection Type : Luer Lock

Gauge : 24 G

Length : 1/2" (12mm) Needle/36" Tubing

Packaging Description : 10/box

MFG #SUB-412-G24

24 Gauge x 1/2 Inch (12 mm), 4 Needle Sub-Q Administration Set

Soft-Glide Subcutaneous Quad-Furcated Needle Administration Set, 24 Gauge x 1/2 inch (12 mm), Priming Volume 1.3 mL, 36" Tubing, 10/bx
  • Soft-Glide SUB-Q administration sets have been carefully engineered and developed to create a positive patient experience. This optimized and coated needle bevel design reduces tissue damage and requires minimal insertion force. The patented wing design protects clinicians and patients after the needle is removed. Soft-Glide SUB-Q administration sets allow for optimal flow performance with a wide range of fluid viscosities.
  • Coating technology to minimize needle discomfort and anxiety
  • The widest selection of single and multi-needle site infusion sets
  • Needle lengths: 4, 6, 9, 12 and 14mm to accommodate all age groups and skin types
  • Soft translucent wings to facilitate placement and patient comfort
  • Proprietary ultra-flexible polyethylene tubing
  • Sterile EMED hypoallergenic site dressing for each needle